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Li, Yuan, Princeton University
Lierman, Ashley, University of Houston


Mayer, Jennifer, University of Northern Colorado (United States)
McCleskey, Sarah, Hofstra University Library
Myers, Carla S., Miami University Libraries
Myers, Carla S., Kraemer Family Library, The University of Colorado Colorado Springs (United States)
Myers, Carla S., Miami University


Nelson, Marley C., The Ohio State University (United States)


Patterson, Karey, eReserve Plus (Australia)
Pavy, Jeanne, University of New Orleans (United States)
Pavy, Jeanne Adele, University of New Orleans (United States)
Peterson-Lugo, Billie, Baylor University (United States)
Phillips, Gesina A., Duquesne University (United States)
Polchow, Michelle, George Mason University (United States)


Ravas, Tammy, Mansfield Library, University of Montana (United States)
Russell, Carrie, American Library Association Director of the Program on Public Access to Information


Sinn, Robin N., Johns Hopkins University (United States)
Smith, Kevin L., Dean of Libraries University Libraries University of Kansas
Strittmatter, Connie, Fitchburg State University (United States)


Taylor, Tucker, University of South Carolina
Taylor, Tucker, Thomas Cooper Library, The University of South Carolina (United States)
Thomas, Camille, Texas Tech University (United States)
Townes, Adam, University of Houston


Van Stanley, Zach, Van Stanley Independent Research (United States)


Wesolek, Andrew, Clemson University Libraries

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