Copyright Online Mini-Series: A Flipped Learning Approach to Disseminating Copyright Knowledge to Subject Liaison Librarians

  • Sara Rachel Benson University of Illinois Library


In the digital age copyright literacy is in high demand. The Association of College and Research Libraries included copyright literacy as a core component of information literacy for higher education in its Framework for Information Literacy for Higher Education, which explicitly describes an “information has value” component, including copyright knowledge. However, even at an institution fortunate enough to have a copyright librarian, that one person cannot attend every single information-literacy session on campus that is presented in affiliation with the library. Thus the copyright librarian must form bridges to the rest of campus, and one of the best ways to do so is through collaboration with subject liaison librarians. So far this article has not revealed any groundbreaking revelations—librarians collaborate frequently to make the best use of the talents and resources available to them. What is more novel is the suggestion made herein for copyright librarians to adopt the flipped learning model; in particular, to facilitate liaison sessions.

Author Biography

Sara Rachel Benson, University of Illinois Library

Copyright Librarian, Assistant Professor

Scholarly Communication and Publishing


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