Conference Session II: Creation or Evolution: Can Copyright Bring the Peace? Presented by Kenneth D. Crews, attorney, Gipson Hoffman & Pancione

  • Marley C. Nelson The Ohio State University


Dr. Kenneth Crews gives an overview of the history of copyright law, using creation and evolution as touchstones for the quick leaps and long crawls made in this discipline.  Using multiple examples, the often-contentious history of copyright law is presented in an approachable and understandable manner.  Tensions between many of the forces that have shaped, and still are shaping, copyright law are discussed, including the tension between creators and consumers of copyrightable materials.  In the end, both forces are shown to be not only important to, but necessary for, the development of U.S. copyright law.  The program closed with a call to action for attendees to speak out on copyright law and to become part of the forces that continue to create change in this discipline.

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Marley C. Nelson, The Ohio State University
Marley C. Nelson, Assistant Public Defender with Office of the Ohio Public Defender.


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