Conference Session III: Advocacy. Presented by Kevin Smith, the Dean of Libraries at the University of Kansas.


In his presentation on Advocacy at the 2017 Kraemer Copyright Conference, Kevin Smith offered participants suggestions on how to engage various stakeholders on copyright issues.  Using a model of advocacy derived from the environmental movement, Smith encouraged participants to acquire a strong understanding of the incentives and barriers that are in play for decision makers involved in this issue, and to tailor one’s approach to the specific audience addressed.  Stakeholders bring different perceptions of how to achieve the balancing purpose of copyright and advocates must grasp the motives present on all sides of the issue.   He makes the case for telling stories alongside data in presenting a position because narratives are usually more interesting and memorable than the rules and abstract principles they demonstrate.  Smith also offered guidance on how to address risk in copyright contexts, and extolled the positive impact created by simply behaving in a respectful and friendly way toward everyone involved in the conversation.

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Jeanne Adele Pavy, University of New Orleans

Scholarly Communications and Collection Development Librarian



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