Breakout Session: View from the Bleachers: Applied Skills in Finding and Using Free Media Resources. Presented by Barbara Waxer, Santa Fe Community College.

Cyndi Lea Landis


The purpose of copyright is to promote the creation of creative content; however, copyright confusion can make students and creators feel limited or intimidated from using media in their work. At the 2017 Kraemer Copyright Conference, Barbara Waxer presented a resourceful session about copyright and Creative Commons licensing through the eyes of information consumers and creators who in essence just want to know whether they can use a certain song, photo, or media source. Waxer’s breakout session highlighted the decision-making process for the copyright conscious by presenting easy-to-use flow charts and online resources that clearly explain Creative Commons licensing, with hopes that librarians can use these tools for teaching copyright at large.

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Waxer, B. (2017). View from the bleachers: Applied skills in finding and using free media resources. Kraemer Copyright Conference. Retrieved from



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