Breakout Session: Copyright: The Ethical Imperative for Librarians. Presented by Martin Garnar, Dean of the Kraemer Family Library, the University of Colorado Colorado Springs.




Martin Garnar, in his presentation “Copyright: The Ethical Imperative for Librarians,” discusses the evolution of the American Library Association's Code of Ethics as an indicator of the changing relationship between librarianship and copyright education. Updates to the Code of Ethics, and in particular the 2014 adoption of an interpretation of Article IV, offer a vision of librarians as active parties in the discussion of intellectual property rights. This interpretation includes a series of statements about what librarians "should" do in their roles as information professionals in order to navigate copyright within their roles and interactions with users, and to uphold a fair balance between rights holders and users.


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Author Biography

Gesina A. Phillips, Duquesne University

Digital Scholarship Librarian
Duquesne University
Pittsburgh, PA


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