Breakout Session: Copyright for Authors: Ideas, Activities, and Discussion Points




Sara Benson, Copyright Librarian for the University of Illinois Library, provided a dynamic, interactive train-the-trainers session. The presentation was based on a chapter she wrote for a forthcoming book to be published by the Association of College and Research Libraries.  Benson reviewed basic information about copyright, including what is required to secure a copyright, what is protected, and what is not.  She also addressed the specific issues involved in joint authorship and work-for-hire situations.  Throughout the presentation Benson reminded the audience that authors should be encouraged to pay close attention to publishing agreements and to take an active role in negotiating the retention of appropriate author rights.  After completing her presentation, Benson engaged the audience in reviewing actual author agreements and role-playing the negotiation of an author agreement between an author and publisher.  The session concluded with a question-and-answer period that engendered lively discussions on other copyright issues and related scholarly communication topics.

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Jeanne Pavy, University of New Orleans

Associate Librarian/Scholarly Communications and Collection Development



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Pavy, J. (2018). Breakout Session: Copyright for Authors: Ideas, Activities, and Discussion Points. Journal of Copyright in Education &Amp; Librarianship, 2(1).



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